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3M Introduces Night Vision Security Film

3M invented window film in 1966. Over the last five decades we have continually improved the technology and effectiveness of our films.

In response to terrorist threats and hurricane winds, 3M developed Ultra Safety and Security Window Films. These films are constructed of patented micro-layered cross-woven polyester fibers that invisibly provide tear-resistance. This rip-stop feature dramatically improves personal safety from flying glass.

3M continued its industry leadership by developing sun control and UV-protecting films. In 2002, we introduced an industry-unique film known as Night Vision (NV). NV has revolutionized the industry by providing superior sun control and comfort without the interior or exterior reflectivity commonly associated with window film.

3M Night Vision films maintain your scenic views day and night. Competitive films increase the "mirror effect" of glass; and rather than enjoy your view, you see a reflection of the interior. 3M invented a film that provides superior sun control without the limitations of high reflectivity.

3M has combined these two industry-unique technologies into one dynamic product: ULTRA S25 Night Vision.

3M-authorized dealer / applicators perform the installation of 3M ULTRA S25 Night Vision to exacting standards. Labor and material are warranted by the 3M Company against premature failure for twelve (12) years in commercial applications or for as long as you own your home in residential applications.

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